Juan Manuel Cincunegui is an academic and researcher in philosophy and sociology. He holds three doctoral degrees from Ramon Llull University and the University of Barcelona, with specializations in philosophy, human rights, and sociology. His academic work spans various fields, including ethics, political philosophy, and contemporary philosophy.

Cincunegui has also extensively studied Buddhism in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, and has led meditation practices since 1998. His teaching career includes courses at educational institutions across Asia, Latin America, and Europe, with a focus on meditation, Buddhist philosophy, and political philosophy. He has been involved in teaching at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, the Institute of Religious Sciences of Barcelona, and the Faculty of Philosphy and Theology of San Miguel from the Universidad del Salvador (Buenos Aires).

He is an active member of several research groups and has authored books such as “Charles Taylor and Modern Identity”, “Miseria planificada. Derechos Humanos y Neoliberalismo” and “Mente y política. Dialéctica y realismo desde la perspectiva de la liberación”.

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  • Email: manucincunegui@gmail.com